As a part of winning the Sustainable Heroe Award 2013, Goodget had a meeting with former Prime Minister of The Netherlands, Jan Peter Balkenende.

On 11/11, National Sustainability Day in The Netherlands, Goodget won the Sustainable Hero Award from Ernst&Young. This award means we receive advice from Ernst&Young on financial, legal and sustainability issues that come with setting up our business in Ghana. Head of the jury was Jan Peter Balkenende, who served 3 terms as Prime Minister of the Netherlands, and who is currently partner at Ernst&Young. He praised Goodget for creating a smart business model that includes the training of local entrepreneurs. By setting up an inclusive distribution chain, innovative and life improving products can reach the people who can best use them. Goodget creates a win-win situation for all involved: we inform end users about renewable energy and sustainable products, we help people to solve daily problems and improve living conditions, we help innovative companies worldwide to reach bigger markets and scale up, we collect user information to stimulate product innovation, and last but not least, Goodget develops local markets and helps to fight poverty

We were very honoured to consult Jan Peter Balkenende on setting up our business, and securing sustainable partnerships with Dutch and local organizations. With his advice, we are ready to start up our 4 month pilot in Ghana in January 2014.