On tuesday 3. December Goodget was selected as the winner of the FMO Development contest. At his retirement, CEO of the Dutch Development Bank FMO, Arthur Arnold received a fund of which he decided to award $10.000 to the most promising social enterprises in developing countries.

A contest was set up with the help of the 1%Club: 6 running projects on the 1%Club website were selected. The projects were part of a Co-Creation at the 1%Club head office in Amsterdam on October 3. Volunteers of Accenture, FMO, Frog Design and the Schiphol Group helped the project owners to make a big step towards realizing their plans. In the case of Goodget, a training manual was produced for the local entrepreneurs in Ghana who will sell innovative and life improving products.

Exactly 2 months later, on tuesday 3. December 2013, Arthur Arnold and Anna Chojnacka, founder of 1%CLub, selected the winner: It was Goodget!!

We are the lucky and grateful winners of $7.000,- and a plane ticket to Ghana, our pilot country. We will spent the money on the training of the first local entrepreneurs who are going to sell innovative, life improving products in their villages. Goodget will help them build up a sustainable business, and at the same time improve the lives of many people living in poor conditions by introducing solar lamps, adjustable eyeglasses, water purification devices etc. etc. The training of these local entrepreneurs will start in February 2014 in the Greater Accra Area in Ghana.

We want to thank Arthur Arnold, FMO and the 1%Club for believing in Goodget, and for helping us to realize our dream with our local partners in Ghana!