Goodget is a social enterprise, founded by Elvira de Rooij. Goodget works with volunteers from DELL, Enactus Ghana, Technical University Delft, Rotterdam School of Management, Enviu, Hogeschool Rotterdam, Accenture, Schiphol Group, Frog Design, FMO, and many more. Also, as the organization is starting to grow, Goodget works closely with consultants from Eenhoorn Sustained Effect and Global Projects.
Because there is no legal entity yet for social enterprises in The Netherlands, operations are divided between a foundation and a BV (the Dutch equivalent of an Ltd.).
Goodget Foundation manages the not-for-profit activities of the enterprise, such as the training of local entrepreneurs and all other activities related to poverty reduction. There is a vacancy in the board of the foundation, which is made up by Joachim Ramakers (Chair person and Secretary ad interim) and B.A. de Rooij (Treasurer).
Members of the board do not receive any payment for their work.

Besides activities related directly to Goodget, Goodget Foundation can start or coproduce not-for-profit projects related to poverty reduction and intercultural communication with other parties in The Netherlands or abroad.
Past activities include the training of local entrepreneurs in Ghana (funded by the 1%Club, Yente Foundation and FMO) for Goodget International, and the production of a TV series ‘Mijn land is Jouw Land’ (translates: My country is your country) with Arjan Erkel, setting up a computer center with our local partner in Senegal, setting up a newspaper run by street children in Senegal, and producing films and TV series about intercultural topics.

Goodget Foundation is registered at the Chamber of Commerce in The Netherlands under number 34213135, and holds ANBI status in The Netherlands.

An annual report for 2014, including a financial report can be downloaded from this website.
All for-profit activities are managed by Goodget International BV, founded in June 2014 in The Netherlands.