Goodget is a social enterprise always looking for ways to improve daily life for all, everywhere in the world. We are particularly interested in innovations that can have a big impact when it comes to sustainability and protection of the environment.

Our first project in Ghana was all about last mile distribution of solar lamps and other practical, innovative products. We trained local entrepreneurs to sell these products – we called them goodgets! – and we tested sales methods and channels with them. Proof of concept was achieved, but because of fast devaluation of the Ghanaian currency – the Ghana Cedi – and technical problems with our best selling product, we decided that we had to put our sales on hold after the pilot.

During our stay in Ghana we started to get interested in the possibilities of seaweed. After nearly a year of research, Goodget is now starting up 2 projects that involve the use of seaweed: one for poverty reduction in Ghana (Blue Harvest Ghana), and one for reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in cattle, starting in The Netherlands (BluGrass).