Goodget sold its first product yesterday! Every day we have more positive meetings here in Accra, and it happens all the time that people want to buy the samples from us. For most samples that is not possible yet because we have only one product.

Coming sunday we are going to present the products to prospective local entrepreneurs who are going to sell the goodgets for us in the Greater Accra Area. Our aim is to find out what products they think they can sell to their customers, and of course Рhow many  they think they can sell. For this we collected samples of locally produced cookstoves, water purification devices and more.

Especially the solar charging devices are in huge demand, but we also see a market for our other products. The Africans we have met so far definately have money to spend and are willing to pay a good price for quality products.

Next week we are going to do some more research on shipping and logistics, and also we need to make a definite selection of the products we are going to sell.