Emmy Voltman is in Accra for Goodget to discuss the outcome of the market research performed by our local partner Enactus Ghana. The outcome of the market research is very promising, it provided us with many new insights. One of these new insights is that pay-per-use is no option in Ghana; people just want to own the products themselves. Also, the market research suggests that in the pilot we should focus on youth and young adults, because they are the ‘early adapters’ for our products, especially when it comes to solar products (telephone chargers, lamps, radio’s). We found that we do not have to go far outside of the city to start the business, and that makes it easier for us when it comes to logistics etcetera.

Things are looking good, and we are really making progress. This week we have a lot of meetings with people from microfinance institutions, (local) producers of goodgets, shipping companies, and companies with existing distribution networks like Vodafone and Unilever. Also, we are busy preparing a seminar for the future local entrepreneurs on sunday 2. September. We hope to convince them that Goodget can deliver a range of good quality innovative products, and we hope they see a big market for our products!