From april to june 2012, the teams of Goodget in The Netherlands and Ghana will work hard to get everything in place for the pilot. The Dutch team will prepare a market research and work out an elaborate logistics program to get the goodgets to Ghana. The Ghana team will perform the market research, and select the first group of 5 local entrepreneurs. Also, they will make sure there is demand for the goodgets we selected for our pilot in Ghana.

In august 2012, we will travel to Ghana to start the pilot with the first group of 5 entrepreneurs. The entrepreneurs need to be trained, they need to get access to microfinance, and ofcourse, we need to set up and test every aspect of the Goodget microfranchise formula.

Together with our local partner SIFE Ghana, we will work out a communications and marketing strategy to inform the potential customers of the products we are going to sell. Most products and their benefits are unknown in Ghana, and we need to change this on a small budget. With a lot of creativity and local knowledge goodgets will be promoted as cost-effective and sustainable alternatives that can improve living conditions and environment for almost everybody in Ghana.

After 4 months, we will select another group of 20 local entrepreneurs, train them, coach them and learn from them. Is demand big enough, is our marketing strategy effective, is the sales strategy of the local entrepreneurs working out, is the training and coaching of the local entrepreneurs sufficient? These are some of the questions we hope to answer during our pilot.

The pilot runs for a year, and will conclude with a thourough evaluation. We will then scale up in Ghana, and from there on to 2 more countries in West Africa. If you want to know more about our pilot, please go to our crowdfunding page on There, you can download our Businessplan, and our financial plan.