After a semester of hard work and lots of research the students of the minor International Entrepreneurship & Development at the Technical University Delft delivered a plan to start up Goodget. The report is written in Dutch, and available upon request, as we believe in sharing our knowledge! Please feel free to comment on the strategy outlined by the students.

In short, the students recommend we start by executing a market research in Ghana to find out more about internet access, transportation and delivery, payment systems, and marketing of goodgets in Africa. Half the money has already been raised for this market research, we are now figuring out how to raise the other half. Suggestions are welcome!

In the mean time, Goodget needs to establish a name among NGO’s and designers of sustainable products. The way to do this is through social media and presence at networking events on sustainability, entrepreneurship and design.
Please follow our updates on this website, on our LinkedIn-page, or on Twitter @goodgetorg