We are in Ghana again to prepare for the launch of Goodget. Progress has been steady, but not spectacular (yet!). We have already secured serious business leads and negotiated with organizations that can help us reach the markets in rural areas.

Our market research pointed us in the direction of the middle class in the cities. Besides selling our products in rural areas, the upcoming middle class is a very important market for Goodget. The middle class has the money to buy our products, and they will come back to buy them also for their family and friends in rural areas. We have found a very solid partner that can help us distribute the products to the middle class, so our goal to start the business in August 2013 is one big step closer.

Besides partnerships and business leads, we are also in Ghana to do more research on the training and support for our local entrepreneurs. What are the criteria to start a Goodget microfranchise, what training is required, and how can we  best support the local entrepreneurs when they have started their business? We hope get answers to all of these questions from our local partners and from the  entrepreneurs themselves during this trip.

With all the potential partnerships in place, we have now almost covered all aspects of our distribution channel. Back in The Netherlands we will put all information and leads together, fill up the remaining gaps, and go back to Ghana as soon as possible to really start up the business!