Besides partnering with Shell Ghana (potential = 99 Shell Shops), Goodget has closed a deal with Ghana Post. Ghana Post has 350 Post Offices nationwide, and Goodget has started to sell its products in 3 of them in Accra. We launched the partnership with Ghana Post during a week-long Goodget Fair at the Central Post Office in Accra in July 2014, where we convinced the staff of Ghana Post of the benefits of our products.

Before expanding to more Post Offices, we want to consolidate our business in the 3 Post Offices we are selling in now. We want to offer the right products that suit the needs of the customers of Ghana Post, and we are therefore experimenting with the range of products we have on offer. Also, we want to get the marketing right for the customer base of the Post Office before we scale to more outlets.

We will be present in the Post Offices at least once a week to demonstrate the products and to inform the customers about the benefits of the products we sell. Within 3 months, we will scale to more Post Offices in the Greater Accra Area, and onwards!