In October 2014 Goodget started a successful crowd funding campaign to fund our Business & Innovation Centre for Female Entrepreneurs in Accra, Ghana. It was a very special crowd funding campaign, because all donations were tripled by the Cheetah Fund. Our goal was to collect 4.500 Euro from the crowd, and Cheetah Fund tripled it to 15.000 Euro. This money will be spent on making the house in Accra ready to accommodate groups of women entrepreneurs, and teach them about growing their businesses.

We want to thank you for your generous gifts; you make it possible for the women entrepreneurs to take the next step and really climb out of poverty and become a role model for other women. In February 2015 we will host our next meeting with stakeholders from NGOs, civil society and businesses, and at the in March we will start training the first group of women entrepreneurs. The Business & Innovation Centre will offer them courses on developing and writing a business plan, leadership, marketing, access to finance and financial management.