BluGrass is nominated for the Lidl Food Prize that will be awarded on Duurzame Dinsdag 4. September at the Dutch House of Parliament in The Hague.
The prize is awarded by supermarket chain Lidl to the most sustainable initiative in the field of food production and consumption. BluGrass aims to grow a special species of seaweed that reduces methane emission in cows by up to 80%, turning normal, polluting cows into climate friendly cows!
BluGrass wants to stop the emission of greenhouse gasses by cattle as soon as possible, and will take the opportunity to present the idea to Dutch politicians, and to the public in general on Duurzame Dinsdag 4. September.
BluGrass has secured the money to start the in vitro and in vivo research of the special species of seaweed in the Netherlands, and will start this research Рincluding a transfer safety test to guarantee animal and consumer safety Рwith Wageningen University & Research, RIKILT and Dairy Campus in October 2018. After intensive testing, the feed ingredient is expected to be market ready by the fall of 2019.