Type: Intern/Volunteer

Level: Starter to Mid-level

Duration: 3-6 months, min. 16 hours/week

Project location: Rotterdam, Zomerhofstraat 71, The Netherlands and Ghana


Do you want to work with us to start up our social enterprise? Do you see opportunities instead of problems, and are you entrepreneurial enough to create your own job with us?

Goodget.org is looking for an intern or volunteer with knowledge of business finance, microfinance and entrepreneurship in developing countries.


Challenge and opportunity

At Goodget we have noticed that the distribution of sustainable, innovative and cost-effective products is often limited. Although there is a huge latent demand for such products, individual producers do not succeed in letting the world know about their (proven!) products. That is why we decided to start up a microfranchise chain for sustainable, cost-effective and innovative products: not gadgets, but goodgets!

Goodget wants to distribute goodgets to people who can best use them: the 90% of the world’s population who live in poverty and daily frustration over lack of clean water, energy supply, sufficient housing and sanitation, depletion of natural resources and degradation of the natural environment.

This large group of people, also referred to as the Bottom of the Pyramid or BoP, are a very difficult segment to reach. We found that local entrepreneurs are the key factor in reaching these new consumers in developing countries.

Microfranchising is an innovative, but already proven business model aimed at these local entrepreneurs that reduces risk and makes it profitable to distribute a broad collection of goodgets amongst the BoP. Microfranchising makes marketing and distribution of goodgets in developing countries a joint effort; this way individual goodgets can reach a much bigger market. As sales increase, production prices can drop, and more people can buy goodgets which can improve their wellbeing and living environment.


The Pilot of Goodget

In 2012, we are going to start the pilot of Goodget in Ghana. In the first months we have to make working arrangements with local parties, set up a local office, compile a microfranchise handbook, set up a course for the first microfranchisees, write a marketing plan, contact producers of goodgets, and make deals with shipping companies. After 3 months of preparation, we are going to start selling goodgets through the microfranchise chain. We will evaluate and learn, take our losses and try again in this first year. After the first year, we will expand the business in Ghana, and in the third year we aim to expand to two more countries in West Africa.


What is already in place?

• A business plan for Goodget. The plan was chosen as one of the best business plans in the 2011 Entrepreneurs without Borders competition of BiD Network, and as a finalist in this competition we received much attention from private investors

• Grant making and securing of investments are in progress, and to date, half of the money needed for the pilot has been raised

• Proven products and concept: microfranchising works in developing countries!

• Partners include: Enviu, the Technical University Delft, SIFE Ghana



Goodget.org is looking for an individual with the following characteristics:

• Strong social and environmental values in line with our core values

• Pro-active, flexible and responsible attitude

• Entrepreneurial / market research / project management experience (preferably in developing countries)

• Understanding of business finance and microfinance

• Commercial sales skills



• Work out sponsor proposal for producers of goodgets (Philips, Lemnis, Vestergaard-Frandsen etc.)

• Work with SIFE Ghana to create and improve financial templates for microfranchisees

• Help the team to improve, scale and launch Goodget
in Ghana


This is what we aim for in 2012:

  • Start up 25 microfranchises in Ghana
  • Create a successful microfranchise formula
  • Sell 120 standard boxes of goodgets in the first year
to the BoP
  • Improving the quality of life of thousands of people around the world!


The core values of Goodget are:

• An entrepreneurial spirit/approach as a trigger towards sustainable development 
• Innovation and pioneering 
• The necessity of co-operation between business, civil society and government 
• Win-win being a strong basis for solutions 
• People’s passion as the driver for change 
• Inspiration and ‘joy’ in our work and activities as a core aspect 
• Staying true to ourselves and recognizing our strengths


If you want to be part of our dream, please contact Elvira de Rooij, CEO of Goodget at +31(0)624879342 or elvira at goodget.org as soon as possible, or before the 31st of december 2011.