Goodget was invited to propose a business case for the 1% Club Co-Creation on 3. October 2013. Professionals from Accenture, Schiphol Group, Frog Design and FMO joined forces to set up a basic structure for a training manual for local entrepreneurs who are going to sell our products (goodgets!). With just a short description of the products, the entrepreneurs, their clients, their level of education and their possibilities, the team set to work. Within 5 hours they came up with much more than a basic structure for a training manual: the team created 4 short modular courses for the entrepreneurs, in which they would learn all they need to know about the technique, book keeping and marketing to sell the products in their shops or villages. Not only did they define the contents of the courses, they also came up with a set of icons to visualize the user information of the products.

In just one fruitful afternoon we now have a concept training manual, that we can present to our partners in Ghana. We will ask for input from our local partners, and hope to test the manual with our target group during our next visit to Ghana.

Thanks very much team for donating 1% of your time to Goodget! Special thanks to our facilitator Marc Harens, and ofcourse to the wonderful people of 1%Club.

If you are interested in donating 1% of your time to Goodget, please check our project page on the 1%Club website, where we post tasks on a regular basis.