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[15 Jun 2016 | Comments Off on Sale of Solar Lamps in Ghana on hold | ]
Sale of Solar Lamps in Ghana on hold

The project in Ghana training local entrepreneurs to sell innovative, life improving products – such as solar lamps and solar mobile phone chargers – has been put on hold. Although the team managed to test quite a number of sales strategies, and has also managed to give ‘proof of concept’, we were forced to stop our business due to the devaluation of the local currency, and technical problems with our best-selling product.
The Ghana Cedi made a sharp drop just when we started our business, and we therefore lost our profit …

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[3 Jun 2015 | Comments Off on Calling all Female Entrepreneurs | ]
Calling all Female Entrepreneurs

On behalf of our partners in The Netherlands, we call all female entrepreneurs in Ghana to participate in Women in Business Challenge organized by BID Network.
The 6th edition of the Women in Business Challenge is a business plan competition aiming to address the problems of underinvestment and increase the number of opportunities for female entrepreneurs in emerging markets. Empowering women entrepreneurs through coaching services, tools and investor connections to progress their business to the next level is our goal.
The business plan competition is aimed at women entrepreneurs who are located …

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[23 Dec 2014 | Comments Off on Crowdfunding Campaign Successful | ]
Crowdfunding Campaign Successful

In October 2014 Goodget started a successful crowd funding campaign to fund our Business & Innovation Centre for Female Entrepreneurs in Accra, Ghana. It was a very special crowd funding campaign, because all donations were tripled by the Cheetah Fund. Our goal was to collect 4.500 Euro from the crowd, and Cheetah Fund tripled it to 15.000 Euro. This money will be spent on making the house in Accra ready to accommodate groups of women entrepreneurs, and teach them about growing their businesses.
We want to thank you for your generous …

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[23 Nov 2014 | Comments Off on Feature in Dutch Business Magazine Brookz | ]
Feature in Dutch Business Magazine Brookz

Goodget and its founder Elvira de Rooij were featured in Dutch Business and Investors’ magazine Brookz. The article is in Dutch, and describes all our successes and challenges from the start of Goodget until October 2014. Special credit to our investor RVO, who explains the reasons for investing in Goodget in the article.
Read the full article in the Media section of this website

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[13 Oct 2014 | Comments Off on Goodget Business Forum @ Royal Netherlands Embassy | ]
Goodget Business Forum @ Royal Netherlands Embassy

Together with Yente Foundation, Goodget hosted a Business Forum at the Royal Netherlands Embassy on 24. October 2014. The topic was:
 “Entrepreneurship & Social Business – Charting the Path Ahead”
The aim of the forum was to strategize and deploy action plans towards effective preparedness by local women entrepreneurs and organizations for the paradigm shift that development financing and access to credit is currently undergoing under the over arching sub-themes:

Funding Trends & Self-financing for West African Organizations and Entrepreneurs
Entrepreneurship as the mode for Financial and Environmental Sustainability
Capacity Building Needs
Empowerment of Women …

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[13 Oct 2014 | Comments Off on Goodgets for sale at Ghana Post | ]
Goodgets for sale at Ghana Post

Besides partnering with Shell Ghana (potential = 99 Shell Shops), Goodget has closed a deal with Ghana Post. Ghana Post has 350 Post Offices nationwide, and Goodget has started to sell its products in 3 of them in Accra. We launched the partnership with Ghana Post during a week-long Goodget Fair at the Central Post Office in Accra in July 2014, where we convinced the staff of Ghana Post of the benefits of our products.
Before expanding to more Post Offices, we want to consolidate our business in the 3 Post …

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[13 Oct 2014 | Comments Off on Goodget Opens Office in Accra | ]
Goodget Opens Office in Accra

Goodget has recently opened its country office in Accra, Ghana. We found a big house, strategically located in the Kanda area in the middle of the city, close to the Dutch Embassy and the Presidential Palace.
The house needed some renovation, but now most of the work is done and we are all settled in. The house offers enough room for an office, conference room, storage and a place to stay for Goodget staff from The Netherlands. We will be hosting a housewarming party in November 2014 or January 2015, so …

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[10 Oct 2014 | Comments Off on Vacancy for Social Entrepreneur @Goodget | ]
Vacancy for Social Entrepreneur @Goodget

Goodget is looking for an entrepreneur to complement our team with knowledge of sales, project management and entrepreneurship in developing countries. Are you ready to take up the challenge of growing an innovative distribution channel for sustainable, innovative and cost-effective products in Ghana and beyond?
Challenge and opportunity
Goodget distributes sustainable, innovative and cost-effective products – not gadgets, but goodgets – to people who can best use them. Our products range from solar lamps, solar mobile phone chargers, water purification devices, adjustable eyeglasses, and bigger solar installations. All these products can improve …

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[5 Jun 2014 | No Comment | ]
Meet the Goodget Ghana team

Since 1. February 2014 the Goodget Ghana team has been working hard to demonstrate and sell innovative, life improving products in and around Accra, Ghana. The team targets women’s groups, local entrepreneurs with small shops, and a number of  Shell shops and Post Offices  in Accra.
The team consists of Country Representative Anatu Ben-Lawal, Operational Manager Frimpong Kwaku Duah, and the Demonstration Team members Jane Amerley Oku and Edwige Aku Agbevan .
Training and informing the entrepreneurs about the benefits of the products is a very important part of the teams’ daily …

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[12 Mar 2014 | No Comment | ]
Goodget Ghana is in Business

In the past month, the first goodgets have been sold to local entrepreneurs in Ghana. This means we are in business selling a range of high quality solar lamps, adjustable eyeglasses, solar mobile phone chargers and water purification devices.
Besides targeting Shell shops and other retail points in and around Accra – the capital city of Ghana – we have set up a local Goodget demonstration team to demonstrate the products to women entrepreneurs. Interested entrepreneurs can get a loan to buy stock, and they are trained to sell the products …