In the past weeks, Blue Harvest Netherlands has made significant progress.┬áTogether with expert partners, founder and CEO of Goodget Elvira de Rooij is in the process of setting up a new company called BluGrass BV to grow and blend the special seaweeds that can significantly reduce methane emissions in cows. The aim of BluGrass BV aim is to turn ‘normal’ cows into climate neutral cows. Using seaweed!

BluGrass BV will focus on 3 issues:

  1. growing methane-reducing seaweeds in bulk
  2. blending a special seaweed formula that can be added to cattle feed (max 2%)
  3. measurement of methane emissions in Frysian cows

The expected effect of the seaweed blend is a 70 – 90% reduction in methane emission in Dutch cows.
A major boost for the new company is that we now have the in-house expertise (IP) to grow the exact species of seaweed we need.

We are currently rewriting our business plan, and hope to pitch our story for prospective partners and investors as soon as possible. If you are interested in receiving more detailed information on BluGrass BV and its founders, please sent an email to
Nb. If you want to see us featured in Tegenlicht, a documentary series on Dutch television, please vote for us before 10. December 2017 by following this link